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Gosu Sites specializes in creating simple, effective, and reasonably priced online marketing solutions.

The website package is everything you need to start making your mark on the web

Get the edge on your competitors

Picture your business consistently showing up as the top local result on a search engine or review site when a potential customer is looking for your service. Most of the time, that means you’re going to be getting a phone call, email, or a visit to your shop. That type of exposure doesn’t happen on its own.

Now that over 50% of Google searches end without a click, it’s more important than ever to use modern techniques when marketing your business online.

Help your customers find you

Our clients have seen a consistent improvement in their local reach with our services.

Online Marketing and Reputation Management

With packages starting at $200 per month, you’re in a position to start generating local leads for less than the lifetime value of a single customer. There are no setup fees or hidden charges because we’re confident that you will be delighted with the results.

Let us change the way you market your business. 

Local Directory Listings

$ 200 Monthly
  • Get listed in over 40 directories
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Monthly Results Report

Review Management

$ 450 Monthly
  • 25 monthly review responses
  • Negative review routing
  • Local Directory Listings

Website Package

$ 1200 Monthly
  • Website design and marketing
  • Local Directory Listings
  • Review Management
Best Value
Why Choose Gosu Sites?


You’ll see increased calls, foot traffic, brand recognition, and sales when you take advantage of our online marketing solutions.

Start getting results in your first month.

Get more bang for your buck with low subscription fees.

See the number of calls, clicks, and requests for directions.

Ask us about how we helped transform our customers' online presences

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the minimum contract length?

1 month. If you don’t like how things are going, you can cancel any time before your next renewal.

Do you have any marketing plans that don't require a subscription?

The subscription model gives us time to get to know you and fine tune our services to the needs of your business. We typically avoid one-off jobs that don’t provide any ongoing benefit to our clients.

Will you let me pick fonts, colors, and keywords?

We provide managed online marketing services, so we’ll listen to your input, but we retain the right to make the final decision on all implementation details for efficacy.

When will I start seeing results?

Most of our clients start to see a glimpse of their potential results from directories within a couple of weeks of completing onboarding. Website optimization usually shows results after 3-4 months. We keep a close eye on analytics to make sure campaigns are staying on track. If something isn’t right, we’ll let you know and work to correct it. Remember, online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Are results guaranteed?

We don’t own the search engines and cannot guarantee any specific outcomes. It goes without saying that we make money from retaining clients, so we’re focused on continually building up your online presence.

Are there any setup fees?

We don’t charge any setup fees for our subscription plans. We retain our customers, so there’s no need to charge extra up front.

What do I have to do after placing an order?

You’ll get an onboarding email that details everyone’s next steps. We generally like to talk to you about your business for 15-30 minutes per month. And definitely be prepared to send us lots of pictures. We’ll handle the rest so you can stick to what you do best!

Can you help my home-based or service delivery business?

Yes! While we won’t list your address if you ask us not to, we can still make your business visible to your surrounding areas through the magic of geo-targeting.

Can we meet you in-person?

Gosu Sites is an online business, so in-person meetings are not currently an option. This keeps our overhead down so that we can produce great results at reasonable prices. And we don’t want to participate in the unnecessary spread of germs! We’re happy to schedule virtual meetings where you can see a real live person on camera.

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