Free Website Technical Audit

Have you ever wondered if your website is optimized for search engines? This process is called search engine optimization (SEO) and can make or break your website’s inbound traffic and engagement. In fact, it’s been proven that companies with websites optimized for search are more likely to show up in local searches on Google.

As you’ll see in your report, there are a number of technical factors that determine your website’s search engine rankings.  And we know that hiring a professional to manage your website is a big step.

What’s in the free website technical audit?

You’re going to get all sorts of recommendations for improving your search engine rankings with this free report including:

  • SEO friendliness tasks 
  • Title, meta description, and header tag optimizations
  • Duplicate and thin content warnings
  • Keyword density suggestions

We’re offering this website technical audit for free to empower you to make some changes on your own. We’ll be happy to help if you need a hand with the hard stuff.

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