Are customers finding your business in local directories?

Setting up and maintaining profiles on the major local directories is an important part of marketing any modern business. And it’s a very time consuming task for you to undertake by yourself. That’s time better spent doing what you do best – running your company.

More importantly, you’re missing out on potential customers if your business isn’t listed correctly on Alexa, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and dozens of other maps, apps, search engines, and directories.

Get found in local directories online

Get placements in top local directories

Keep your directory listings up-to-date, consistent, and properly optimized to make your brand visible to your customers. In contrast, displaying incorrect data about your business will wreak havoc on your online marketing results.

Search engines don’t just rely on your input for information about your business. In fact, many search engines (including Google) source information from third party sites and consumers, then display it without regard for your approval. 

But we have good news! We can find out exactly where your information is incorrect and what data points need attention.

Amazon Alexa
Google Maps and Google My Business

Take control of your directory listings

Certainly, you see the inconsistencies if you ran our free listings scan. These are actual results that people see (or don’t see) when they search for your product, service, or company name.

Does your address or phone number display incorrectly? It’s really difficult to manage this information for your business on top of everything else that you do. 

How much money do you make when you get a phone call? Better yet, how much money do you lose when you miss a phone call? 

What would it mean to get an extra 50 phone calls this month? For many, that’s the difference between expansion and closing up shop.

Above all, will your customers find the right contact information when they search for your brand name? If you spend money on billboards, radio ads, online ads, sponsorship, or any other kind of advertising, then the best way to prevent a leaky budget is to maintain a best-in-class online directory presence.

Actual Google My Business Before/After Results (+/- 45 Days)

Double your online exposure.

Can Gosu Sites fix bad data in local directories?

We create, maintain, and protect online business listings using direct connections to dozens of local business directories. With Gosu Sites, you’ll ensure that your customers can find the right name, phone number, address, and description for your business across the web. We’ve done it for our existing clients and we’ll do it for you too.

No setup fees.

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No nonsense.

Order now to make the most of your marketing budget and create the foundation for marketing your business online.

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