Get a Website Marketing Service That Works

Are you ready to start growing your business by helping potential customers find your services? If you’re considering using website marketing to level up your customer acquisition game, then you’ve come to the right place.

We work with some of the best website design, content marketing, and SEO services to put our customers on the map.

Our Winning Combination of Website Marketing Services​

We’re not just another dime-a-dozen web design company. Gosu Sites will execute a proven managed digital marketing strategy for you without the need to supervise employees or contractors.

Our customers are taking advantage of real leads every day from business directories, search engines, website contact forms, and click-to-call links across the web thanks to our marketing efforts.

Take a look at what you can get!

Dedicated Web Consultant

A dedicated web consultant is assigned to every one of our customers. It’s their job to understand your business and ensure that your online marketing plan is on point.

That means you get to have the peace of mind of knowing that somebody is watching over your online marketing campaign.

Branding and Logo Design

Do you need a logo for a new business or want to rebrand entirely?

Since your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity, we’ll take care of that in your first month of service!

Professional Email Service

It’s hard for everyone to take a business seriously when they don’t have their own professional email service. Responding to customers with a free email address from Outlook or Gmail makes it look like you’re just testing the waters in your industry.

As a Gosu Sites subscriber, you’ll get professional email service for up to 5 accounts.

Access your email from anywhere and show off your professional image at the same time!

Having a professional email service is so important that we get you setup with your new address ASAP.

Internet Directory Listings

We’ll put your business on the map.

We use proven local SEO methods to make businesses like yours show up in the first 3 search results on major search engines.

This local map pack comes up when somebody is looking for a local service. That’s why over half of Internet searches end without a website visit, and many of those searches end with calls and requests for directions to the businesses your potential customers find.

You’ll never see any of that traffic in a competitive market without properly maintained directory listings. 

No worries though – we create, secure, and optimize your business listings in your first month of service and beyond.

Custom Sales Copy

The most frequently botched part of new company websites is the sales copy. It’s all a waste if your web pages aren’t written to sell.

The good news is we handle this before we even start on your website as part of the first month of service. This lets us design web pages around content so that your website will be even more likely to convert visitors into quality sales leads.

Website Design or Redesign

Have a website that isn’t getting the results you’d like? How about no website at all? No problem!

After we get your sales copy finished, we’ll build or redesign your website on super-fast servers with a competitive .com domain name by the end of your second month of service.

Your new website will work on most browsers and operating systems, including tablets and mobile phones. With mobile devices accounting for about half of global web traffic, you can’t afford to work with a company that doesn’t create great experiences for mobile devices.

We work with some of the best graphic designers and web developers, so you’ll be setup for success right out of the gate.

Website Maintenance

Need to change a block of text or add a few portfolio images to your website?

We see a lot of our counterparts asking “how much should I charge for updates?” Pretty much every designer responds with “bill them for an hour”.

We know managing a website isn’t your forte and we have no desire to nickel and dime you, so it’s covered under the same service plan – just tell us what needs to change and we’ll do it immediately if it’s impactful to your business.

Website Security

How about working to prevent hostile takeovers from hackers by regularly updating to the latest technology?

The only thing worse than having a stale, out of date website is having your website taken over by hackers.

We’ve got you covered there too! We’ll keep your website updated and secure so that you can stick to what you do best.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your subscription includes monthly SEO after your website is published. This means we’ll build your search engine visibility by posting fresh content for your visitors and acquiring high quality links to your website every month.

These are the core components of website marketing for your business.

Google loves it!

It typically takes 3-4 months for a new site to start seeing results while the search engines catch up, but our long term customers see that our service pays for itself and more over time.

Review Marketing

You’ll also get our review marketing service. That means we’ll automatically respond on your behalf if a customer leaves a positive review for you on Google or Facebook. We use feedback from your customers to help craft future marketing efforts and respond on your behalf to foster more long term relationships. It’s a double win every time. We’ll also work with you to craft the perfect response to any negative review to make you look great no matter what.

Wondering how you can generate more reviews?

We’ll give you a custom, branded address on your website that you can hand out to your customers on business cards, emails, and other post-sale activities.

More real quality reviews will help foster higher rankings on the search engine results pages.

And higher rankings for the right keywords generate more quality sales leads.

That’s a lot of web marketing bang for your buck!

We’ve invested hundreds of hours and 10’s of thousands of dollars into developing a system that works for most businesses that provide services to customers in a local market.

You can be like our other customers and get started with one of the most comprehensive marketing and branding plans on the market and finally start growing your business…

Or you can spend a lot of time and money trying to figure it out on your own.

Make an Investment in the Future of Your Business

All you have to do is click “ORDER NOW” and have a 30 minute conversation with us.

It’s really that simple.

This service will literally put your business on the map right in front of the people who are looking for you.